Adventures in Amateur Ecclesiology

Turns out, over the last few years, I’ve done more thinking about ecclesiology than I thought… Here are some posts on the Church and what it could/should be:

Why Your Church Needs an Environmental Policy

Three Reasons We Should Pay More Attention to Church Toilets

Churches, Stop Covering Up Sexual Assault

A Church is a Body is a Network

Art, Healing and Bezalel

Listen To The Stories of Which You Are a Part

When a Community Hurts

Autism, Disability and the Church

The Sacred Ministry of Giving a Damn

Listening to the Needs

The Battle For Our Stories Will Be Won Through Our Art

Alpha Cities

A Meditation For Those Who Stand At The Front

Blue Christmas


A Picture’s Worth: Photography, Storytelling and the Mission of the Church

Yet Another Scandal

Setting the Lonely in Families

Singing When You Don’t Feel Safe

Weeping in the Silence: Depression and the Church

Cultures of Fear and Some Notes on a Hashtag

I’m Tired of Being Angry At The Church

Church in the Wilderness

Can We Fix It? God, DIY and the Maker / Fixer Movement

Bible Translation in a World of Apps

Reimagining What Your Church Should Look Like

Cooking for Christ

One Body, Many Parts

The Garden of Eden, Coming to a Church Near You?