Launchpad – Via Crucis: The Stations of the Cross

The Stawp-1489871621007.jpgtions of the Cross are the traditional commemorations of the various stages of Christ’s journey towards Calvary. While the following series isn’t always based on the traditional Stations, it’s rooted in trying to see how the echoes of Holy Week manifest in today’s world…

  1. Gethsemane (Jesus prays in the Garden)
  2. Judas (the Betrayal of Jesus)
  3. Malchus (Jesus heals the servant of the High Priest)
  4. Conspiracy (the Trials of Jesus)
  5. Terror (Jesus is tortured)
  6. Dismas (the good thief)
  7. Burden (Jesus carries his cross, helped by Simon Cyrene)
  8. War (Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem)
  9. Humiliation (Jesus’ clothes gambled away)
  10. Death (Good Friday)
  11. Burial (Jesus placed in the tomb)
  12. Resurrection (Easter Sunday)

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