A Christian Meditation / Hot-take on #Brexit

So the Leave vote won and cue the days of confusion and anticipation and reconstruction. And now everyone’s trying to figure out what happens next, because no-one really knows. And they’ll be people trying to figure out what the Church’s reaction to all this should be. And, as always, the answer to that will get caught up in personalities and politics and everything else, and it’ll end up becoming yet more noise. Just like this post really.

But while I don’t have a political answer, there are some immediate principals we need to remember and live by in the days to come. Because if we don’t have these, we’re sacrificing what the church should be and we become just another pressure group:

So. If our sermons and tweets and rhetoric and Facebook posts are motivated by hatred (regardless of who we hate), they’re not of Christ.

If our decisions in the days to come don’t recognise and respond to the image of God present in all humans, by they European migrants or Old Etonian,  they’re not of Christ.

If our actions in the coming days are proactive about defending the poor and the vulnerable, the least of these, if they’re not about looking after each other, then they’re not of Christ.

If we’re waiting for Cameron or Johnson,  Corbyn or Farage to guide us dancing into a golden age utopia, we’re not following Christ.

The days to come are uncertain, but the Church’s response should be easy.

Look to Christ.

Then look like Christ.


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