The Big Read 2012

Every new blog needs an impetus to keep it going after the first few posts – here’s mine.

The Big Read is a nationwide initiative aimed at getting as many people as possible reading the Gospel of Mark over the course of Lent. Materials are provided at their website, many of which are written by NT Wright.

I can’t see me being able to post every day of Lent, so I thought I’d try and support the Big Read by posting on their weekly readings, which are:

Week 1 of Lent (‘Preparation’): Mark 1:1-20

Week 2 (‘Echoes’): Mark 4:35-41

Week 3 (‘Expectations’): Mark 7:1-13

Week 4 (‘Challenges’):  Mark 8:27-38; 9:30-37

Week 5 (‘Signposts’):  Mark 10:46-52; 11:12-25

Week 6 (‘Finale?’):  Mark 14:32-65

Week 7 (‘Transformation’): Mark 16:1-8

It looks like being a really good initiative, and I’m going to try and support it, so if you want to join in the conversation but don’t have anywhere else to go, please feel free to come back here and get a comments thread going. And if you don’t want to do that, try checking Mark out anyway; see if you can see something new in an old and famous story…



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